W F SIMPSON (citrus_tycoon) wrote in suhfistuhfunk,

i reviewed kill bill vol.1 over at derelict, but i'll include it here too.
this movie was pretty serious. i think if you watch it at all, make sure it's in a theater. i sat there watching it tonight, across the aisle from some nerd who made sure to audibly express how cool it all was. the bruce lee suit, the samurai sword, the gangsters in batman masks, the bottom corner of a hospital door; i was pretty much all about everything in this movie.

from what i gather, the idea behind kill bill is to be as minimal as possible plot wise (but minimal here doesn't mean simple), and just to make a visually and emotionally engaging film. the colors are beautiful, the fights are entertaining and intense, and they make you glad that the movie centers itself around them. now, i say emotionally engaging, but i'm not sure that making me cringe at mouths full of loose, bloody teeth counts. i think it might be cheating. in that case, mr. quentin tarantino is a filthy goddamn cheater. at points throughout the film, i could almost taste how proud this man is of his movie. the 4th film by quentin tarantino, i mean, who's fucking keeping count? why would you? isn't it the 4th and a halfth anyway? this is only half of the movie. but i am looking forward to seeing the second part, and if you've seen it, you probably will be too.
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